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Affordable and Streamlined Dome Oven – Gozney Dome S1 by BBQs 2u

by Elaina

BBQs 2u has been selling ovens and grillers since 2002. They are very good with their grilling knowledge and love sharing it with their customers.

They have tie-ups with brands like Kamado Joe BBQs, Napolean Barbecues, Masterbuilt Gravity BBQs, and Ooni Pizza retailers. All these are the famous brands in UK that sell premium quality products at their best price.

A home-made pizza is always a good option, but you need to make it the right way. With a help of a good oven, you can make pizzsas with that crispy and crusty textures like the one you get at a restaurant.

And this is possible with Gozney pizza ovens. You can make those crispy, crusty and delicious cheesy pizzas all at home without being an expert or a chef.

Gozney Dome Pizza oven is made with an ancient wood-fired cooking technique.

They have two types of pizza ovens:

  • Gozney Roccbox
  • Gozney Dome

Both have unique features that can enhance your pizza cooking experience. As Gozney Dome is expensive, it has a new version with unique features.


Gozney Dome S1 Pizza Oven

Recently, Gozney has developed this new affordable and streamlined product, i.e. Gozney Dome S1. It is an innovative and greatly designed pizza ovens, that works well with both beginners as well as experts.

It has a unique feature that it gets heated very quick, i.e. it can reach a temperature of 950°F in less than just 90 seconds. This means, you get your crusty pizza ready in less than a minute.

Other than this, it also has the following features:

  • Easy-to-use quick -start rolling gas flame
  • Digital thermometer to measure the temperature
  • Electric ignition
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance with removable cordierite stone
  • Large sized mouth for cooking variety of food

The overall dimensions of this oven are:

  • The space of the oven is around W 410mm x H 120mm
  • The external dimensions are 634mm H x 628mm D x 730mm W
  • The internal dimensions are 190mm H x 470mm D x 550mm W
  • The product’s overall weight is 48.6 kg (55.5 kg with packaging).

The Gozney dome S1 oven is made of a premium material. It is very strong and can work well in any climate whether it is winter, summer or rainy. You can not only cook pizzas but also roast a whole chicken or a brisket. It has flexible cooking options, enabling us to try different food recipes and techniques.

One of the unique features of this product is that it can maintain the temperature consistently, all thanks to its innovative design and insulation properties.

This makes it possible to cook your food perfectly and precisely. Overall, this whole product is the best, with good quality and versatile enough to help you cook different kinds of meals as your guests or family would want.

With BBQs 2u, you do not have to worry about the product or its delivery. There is free delivery for your product anywhere in the UK.

Also, you can join their loyalty programme, which gives you the best rewards. BBQs 2u is also well-known for its after-sales customer support. If you wish to get all these benefits, contact their customer care or visit their store.

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